Interactivity and learning effectiveness

The effectiveness of skills and knowledge development using eLearning is directly impacted by a number of factors. Consistent with Bloom’s Taxonomy (1956) and Kirkpatrick’s (1996) learning evaluation model, increased levels of interactivity and engagement lead to increased learner stimulation, reaction and participation.

To put it simply, eLearning may:

  • help you remember more – by a factor of 25%-60% compared to traditional classroom learning[1]
  • give you a 60% faster learning curve[2]
  • help you achieve 25% higher scores on tests and exams[3]

Beyond remembering to applying and creating

Learning should be more than knowing or recalling facts. It should be a process that extends knowing to comprehension, to application, to analysis and synthesis, where new patterns and combinations of elements can lead to innovation. In other words, it’s not just about remembering a sentence or a statistic. It’s about understanding a concept and having the ability to apply knowledge in practice.

Interactivity factors, including features like self-pacing, activities and mini-games, contribute to the learner’s ability to evaluate and synthesise new ideas or concepts which then lead to potential new behaviours or actions to attempt and solve new problems.
Data from our clients and end users suggests that SMSF101 equips learners to not only pass academic assessments (such as the Specialist exam), but also to deliver well-founded advice in their day to day practice.

SMSF101 units are:

self-paced and wholly online

timetable-free – start when and where you want to

cost and time-effective

focused on interactivity to facilitate more activity rather than passive learning

flexible in terms of education delivery

grounded in innovative practices and technologies

built on a measurable competency-based approach

Let’s begin!

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