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SMSF101 is the sister company of Money101. We’re a team of superannuation industry experts, educators, designers and techies working together to make your specialist learning experience as efficient, engaging and all-round amazing as possible.

SMSF101 designs, develops and builds online financial education units. We can host the units for you, or you can host yourself.

A unit is an online learning piece. It’s a bit like a unit in a course curriculum: one single topic, idea or skill at a time.

Our content continues to be mapped to national standards. However, we are no longer accepting new students for the full course leading to RG146 compliance.

All SMSF101 content has been produced by Australian subject matter experts and writers, specifically for Australian audiences. This means that it’s factually accurate in terms of things like tax rules, financial services regulations and more. But it also means that it’s broadly relatable for Aussie learners. We’ve thought of everything, from financial goals such as ‘the great Australian dream’, to the ways that service providers cater to our increasingly multicultural society.

That said, we’re happy to develop bespoke content for an international or country-specific audience. SMSF101 has strong connections to academics, consultants, and international media and information firms. We’re ready to leverage these connections to create something special for you and your people, no matter where you’re based.

is not an RTO. Instead, we’ve found that the best way to fulfil our clients’ business objectives is to have our units certified with professional bodies as meeting the requirements of their continuing professional development frameworks. For more information on what this means, please feel free to get in touch, or contact your professional association for a copy of the guidelines they provide to potential CPD providers seeking accreditation with them.

There is no face-to-face requirement. This means no need to go to a campus or seminar location, taking time out of your busy schedule. That said, you won’t be completely deprived of the human touch. There are real people on the other end of our website chat and customer service phone line, should you run in to any technical troubles. Plus, videos and avatars throughout the units help bring the content to life.

Yes, the SMSF101 units are responsive and suited to all types of output. However, given the amount of information contained in the modules we would recommend a tablet as the smallest medium to be used.

Each unit has an online assessment component that must be successfully completed in order to pass the topic (except for Modules 5 & 6 which are assessed together). Full assessment details including pass mark are provided within the assessment. The pass grade is usually 80%.

Who, what, how?

The course is currently made up of 13 modules – 9 x Super/SMSF specific modules and 4 x generic skills and knowledge modules.

The full range of units has been assessed at 30 hours + 13 allowable hours for assessment. Some learners can effectively complete all units in a shorter time frame.

We recommend doing your assessments after completing each module. However, you can complete an assessment at any time.

These units apply to anyone dealing with superannuation, and SMSFs in particular, throughout Australia.

You can start anywhere, anytime and study at your own pace. However, if you need CPD points, we recommend you complete your study well before the CPD census date for your professional organisation. This way, you’ll have your proof of completion in plenty of time.


You can take a package of the nine SMSF-specific units  for $550 incl. GST.

Need a group training solution for advisers or customer service staff in your organisation? Custom SMSF educational content is priced depending on the level of work that’s required. For example, the simple addition of a logo or a small colour change will cost less than creating exclusive content from scratch and building a branded microsite to host it. Your choice will depend on your business objectives and budget. We’re happy to discuss your needs and provide a free quote; contact us to get the conversation started.

Purchasing a unit is as simple. All you need to do is select which unit (or package of units) you want to take. Click ‘BUY NOW‘ and follow the prompts to complete your purchase. Once your purchase has gone through, you’ll receive an email link to your 100% online unit/s.

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